Dr. Anne Fowler graduated from the University of Sydney with a Veterinary Science degree after completing a Bachelor of Science Honors year investigating vitamin D metabolism in nocturnal marsupials. Further qualifications obtained include Membership in the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the following fields: Avian Health, Medicine of Australian Wildlife and the Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets.

Anne has worked in mixed practice in NSW and Victoria. She has been employed as a Senior Clinical Registrar at the Wildlife Health and Conservation Centre at the University of Sydney and as an associate veterinarian at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville Sanctuary. In 2016, Anne opened the Adelaide Bird and Exotics Vet Centre, Adelaide’s first bird/exotics-only vet clinic. Patients seen include birds, reptiles, small mammals, marsupials and wildlife.

Besides working as a veterinarian, Anne has been teaching wildlife carers throughout Australia for the last 14 years on topics related to wildlife care. Anne has also created a training day on the Assessment and Treatment of Burnt Wildlife and since 2006 has educated over 1400 people to assist burnt animals in Australia. She has also been a licenced carer wherever she has lived. Anne firmly believes that sharing information leads to informed and empowered wildlife rehabilitators and better outcomes for the welfare of Australia’s unique wildlife.