Training Costs

The cost for each day of lecturing is $400.

I am happy to talk to groups in adjacent areas to minimize the cost to one group. I recommend that attendees are charged $20 - $30 for the day. For similar training to vets or other groups, attendees would pay up to $300 for one day. If you do not put a value on the training, attendance will be poor. After all, in people’s minds, how good can the training be if it is free? Even a nominal fee gives it value. Some groups have sought community grants to afford the training at this price.

Payment for airfare and parking from major airports to the destination is required. The cheapest airfare will be purchased.

If the location is within driving distance (up to 4 hour’s drive), payment of petrol to and from the venue is required.

Accommodation: I am happy with motel accommodation.

I take cheque, cash, money order or direct debit. I am happy to provide a quote ahead of time and a tax invoice at the completion of the training.